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Vancouver Canada  

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Images of Vancouver Canada supplied by one of our international guests - Andreas Mindt from Berlin, Germany.

Vancouver Canada  is one of the most beautiful cities in the world! Vancouver is a modern city with an efficient transport system that allows you to enjoy a huge variety of interests including skiing, windsurfing, or watching ice-hockey.  Whistler - home of the Olympics in 2010 - is just 2 hours away. One of the best ski resort in North Amerika. Vancouverians are pretty layed back and very friendly! On a  sunny day take a trip to the beach. There are beaches all around Vancouver. Or explore Stanley Park - anorthern rain forest in the middle of the city. Indulge in coffee and freshly baked bread at sidewalk cafés, join the bustle at seaside markets, and relax in tree-shaded squares. This is a beautiful place where dramatic mountains meet the sea - a place other Canadians call "Lotus Land". Vancouver seems to be a culture melting pot. People imigrated from all over the world. Lot's of asian. That's why there are so many sushi places all over down town. You would like to learn, Japanese, Chinese, German or any other language? Just grab somebody and do a language exchange! Vancouver British Ccolumbia is located on the beautiful Pacific Coast of Canada and enjoys the spectacular backdrop of the Cascade mountains. It has excellent, sandy beaches just minutes from the downtown area. There is so much variety in Vancouver. One day you could be walking across Capilano suspension bridge, 230 feet above the river. The next, you might take a peaceful harbour cruise. Come face-to-face with local fish, otters, sharks and dolphins at the aquarium. For an amazing view, the Vancouver Lookout is your best bet. Day or night, you won't be disappointed.
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