Property @ 100 Mile House, South Cariboo
British Columbia, Horse Lake Road, Canada

Property for sale by owner close to 100 Mile House- no agent fees and no GST.

Property size 7.52 acres

This property has been sold - there are many more available in the south cariboo:

We have compiled a list of question and answers in regards to our property for sale:

Q: What is the lay of the property? Is it hilly, all flat, sloping? Is it higher or lower elevation compared to the surrounding properties?
A.: It could be considered as  'gentle sloping' - lots 4 and 5 are higher, more towards the top of the slope, lots 6 and 7 are lower, the difference in total maybe 6 - 8  meters over the width of 4 lots. The driveway slopes down first and than levels out. All lots slope slightly down towards the back side. When you walk on the lot towards the back, you hardly notice it. There are plenty of good building locations on the lot.

Q: How long have you been owners? Did you use the property at all?
A.: We bought the lot in 1993, with the intention of moving there. However, due to occupational considerations, we defered those plans several times until we came to the conclusion that it won't happen. We decided to sell this property.

Q: Is the right of way a public one? Where does it go besides through Lot 5 & 6? I don't quite understand it's purpose. Is it more extensive than Lot 5 & 6?
A.: No, it is not a public right of way. The proper legal term is 'Easement'. Only the owner of lot 7 has the right to cross over lot 6 where the driveway is marked to allow him easy access to his lot. Again this was done by the developer, instead of separate driveways, which must have been more expensive to build due to the sloping. The owner of lot 7 has a right of way over 5 and 6 , lot owner 6 has a right over lot 5. By the way, lot 7 is owned by somebody in Germany, has no building and is in it's natural state - the same as our lot.
The easement in the back of the property was done for the purpose to allow lot owner 4, 5 and 6 access to the crown land. Again this is not a public right of way, very specific, lot owner 4 has a right of way over lot 5, 6 and 7. Lot owner 5 can cross over 6 and 7 ...and so on. But access is only allowed in the small part marked on the map. On the property there are markers clearly identifying the boundaries of the easement sections. We have the legal papers covering the Easements.

Q: How large is the Crown Land behind the property? Approximately?
Our guess would be several 100 acres, I am sure that precise information will be available from the Land Title Office.

Q: How close to the paved road is the property boundary?
A.: The property borders on the paved road.

Q: Are you allowed to have home businesses?
A.: Most certainly - our original plan called for a B&B operation.

Q: Are you allowed to cut trees?
A.: Yes, you can use them for firewood, sell them, whatever - no restrictions.
You would have to clear an area anyways for a building, since only the driveway is clear of trees.

Q: What is the water situation (is there a well?)
A: The property is undeveloped. No well has been drilled, as this would be very dependant on the location of a future building. The adjacent properties 2 through 5 have their own wells; the property is approx 5 - 10 meters above the high water level of Horse lake. Therefore, the construction of a well should not be a problem - very common in this area.

Q: Does the land perk for a septic?
A: The previous owner of the property performed a successful perk test. Again, due to the large size of the lot, the location of a septic field/tank would be dependant on the location of the house.

Q: How secure is the access to the property (from the lot next door)?
A: The access has been secured by a registered right-of-way at the Kamloops land title office.

Q: How built up are the other properties?
A: Lot 7 - empty, lot 5 - small house (1 level), lot 2 - log house, the others - I cannot remember...

Q: Is there any fencing around the property?
A: No.

Q: Why is the access road to the property through another lot?
A: From what we know, the developer decided, that this was the most cost effective way to build the access, utilizing an existing piece of the "old" Horse Lake Road. There is very little left of that road, other than a bunch of wildflowers in the spring and summer.

Q: What are the building restrictions and property use restrictions?
A: The property is currently zoned for residential and/or recreational building usage. Building restrictions would fall within the municipality guidelines and bylaws for residential housing in the 100 Mile House area.

Q: Are the other places built used on a permanent basis or are they summer homes only?
A.: They are all permanent / residential homes.


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