British Columbia Fishing Information

Freshwater Licensing Requirements for fishing in British Columbia:
If you are 16 years or older, you must have a valid basic license to sport fish you must purchase appropriate supplementary licenses and stamps you must carry your license while sport fishing and, if asked; produce it for inspection by a BC Conservation Officer, Fishery Officer, RCMP constable, or a Park ranger in a park., basic and supplementary licenses and stamps are not valid in National Parks. 

If you are under 16 and a resident of British Columbia:
you may sport fish without any license or stamp 
you do not need to be accompanied by a license holder 
you are entitled to your own quota of fish. 

If you are under 16 and a non-resident of British Columbia: 
you do not require any license or stamp to sport fish, but you must be accompanied by a person (resident or non-resident) who has the appropriate licenses and stamps any fish you keep, must be counted as part of the catch and possession of your accompanying license holder. If you want to catch and keep your own quota of fish, you may buy a license and any necessary stamps. 

Note: BC fishing requires different licenses for each of: Saltwater, Freshwater and Parks.
Most licenses are now available Online and not sold in stores anymore.

Coquitlam Fishing Spots and surrounding area:

Burrard Inlet (Port Moody) 
A breathtaking four kilometer shoreline trail, allows easy access for salt
water fishing. Fishing possibilities include rockfish, ling cod, perch,
bullheads, and salmon. Please note: Saltwater fishing licenses are
required from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. (available at most
tackle shops and sporting goods stores stocking fishing equipment) 

Buntzen Lake (Anmore) 
This 182 ha lake is located 4km north of Ioco road. The facilities include
a beach, picnic site, dock and boat launch. Cutthroat trout are sustained
annually and reach 25-40 cm. The lake also contains kokanee, dolly
varden and small rainbow trout. No power boats are allowed. 

Como Lake (Coquitlam) 
This small 5 ha lake is located on Gatensbury Street in Central Coquitlam. 
Species include rainbow trout (20-30cm) stocked yearly, carp, catfish,
and the occasional cutthroat.No power boats allowed. 

Coquitlam River (Coquitlam / Port Coquitlam) 
See Fishing Regulations for Closures. Coho are present in small numbers.
ther fishing possibilities include cutthroat trout, dollies, and winter
steelhead. No power boats are permitted on the river. 

Cypress Lake (Port Moody) 
A 4 ha lake which is found 3 km east of Buntzen Lake, on Eagle Ridge
Mountain. Access is via Pipeline Road in Coquitlam. Hiking and/or 4
Wheel Drive is required. The lake supports rainbow trout. 

De Boville Slough (Port Coquitlam) 
The slough runs into the Pitt River in Port Coquitlam. It is situated east of
Cedar Drive and north of Lincoln Ave. Fish to be found are cutthroat in
spring and fall, and a few Coho in the fall. There is a two Coho (under 50
cm) limit. 

Dennett Lake (Coquitlam) 
Burke Mountain Park is home to this 8 ha lake. Head north on Coast
Meridian Rd. in Coquitlam. A truck and hike in are required. Best fishing
is early in summer for cutthroat trout and small eastern brookies. 

Fraser River Sockeye, caught by ChristopherFraser River (Coquitlam) 
Bar fishing is popular along the Fraser. A single pointed hook (barbless) must be used (November - March). Numerous types of fish can be caught, including rainbow trout, dolly varden, cutthroat, spring, sturgeon and chinook. (Regulations vary - call 666-2768 for more information or check the latest Fishing Regulations

Lafarge Lake (Coquitlam) 
A 5 ha lake, just north of Coquitlam Centre Mall, on Pinetree Way. 
Rainbow trout are stocked annually, and the lucky angler could reel in a 40
cm fish. Brown bullhead are also catchable.

Munro Lake (Coquitlam) 
A 22 ha lake in Burke Mountain Park, about 1 km east of Dennett Lake. 
Located off Quarry Road. in northern Coquitlam. A demanding hike-in is
required. Fishing is for brookies in the 20 cm range. 

Pitt River (Port Coquitlam) 
The river flows through Port Coquitlam before draining into the Fraser River. 
Chinook fishing is closed from April 1 to March 31, and there is also no
fishing within Garabaldi Park. Coho restrictions are: 2 per day, 25 - 35
cm., from September 1 to March 31. Other fish available include, dollies
and cutthroat trout. 

Sasamat Lake (Port Moody) 
This 45 ha lake is 3 km north of Ioco Road. The lake is supplied annually
with rainbow trout which can reach 25 - 30 cm., and also contains
cutthroat up to 45 cm. First choice fishing season is spring, followed by
autumn. Power boats are prohibited between May 1 and September 30,
but electric motors are permitted from October 1 - April 30. 


British Columbia: Vancouver to Whistler Fishing Spots:


Location Access Fish Season Notes
elev. 742m
from Hwy 99, 8km south of Squamish
Stocked with cutthroat & Dolly Varden Spring/fall  
elev. 170m
on Hwy 99, 8km south of Squamish at Murrin Provincial Park Stocked with rainbow trout up to 25cm Spring/fall  
elev. sub-alpine
Hike Rainbow trout over 1kg Summer/fall  
elev. 181m
Paved road off Hwy 99 north of Squamish Cutthroat trout, Dolly Varden, and stocked with rainbow trout All  No power boats
elev. 303m
off Hwy 99, 14km north of Squamish on  paved road. 1km hike from Alice Lake parking lot Stocked with small rainbow trout Spring/fall  
elev. 272m
same as directions to Edith Lake, but an additional hike of 1km. Stocked with rainbow trout 20-25cm Spring/ fall  
elev. 212m
Short hike from parking lot in Alice Lake Provincial Park, 13km north of Squamish. Stocked with rainbow trout, mostly 20-30cm, some 50cm Spring/fall  
elev. 424m
Off Hwy 99 17km north of Squamish to Cheekeye, cross Cheakamus river and stay right, turn left at North Vancouver Outdoor School. Stocked with rainbow trout 20-30cm Spring/fall Electric motors only
elev. 333m
Off Hwy 99, 15km north of Squamish, turn  right onto dirt road just before Brohm lake. 
Follow for 3km, lake on right hand side, short walk to lake.
Stocked with many small rainbow trout  Spring/fall  
elev. 272m
On Hwy 99, 15km north of Squamish. Cutthroat, Dolly Varden, stocked rainbow trout Spring/fall  
elev. 450m
Hwy 99 south of Whistler, short hike to small lake Rainbow trout Spring/fall  
elev. 1206m
Off Hwy 99, turnoff on west side of road, 5km north of Brandywine Falls. 16km gravel road to lake, 2wd but truck recommended Stocked annually with rainbow trout 20-30cm, some 40+cm Summer/fall  
elev. 395m
Park on Hwy 99 @ yellow gate just past Daisy Lake dam & Cheakamus river bridge, south of Whistler. Short hike to lake Stocked with rainbow trout up to 2.5kg Spring/fall  Electric motors only
Cheakamus Lake
elev. 830m
Hike Rainbow trout 20-25cm, Dolly Varden Summer  
elev. 620m
On Hwy 99, 2km south of Whistler Rainbow trout around 20cm, kokanee, Dolly Varden Spring/fall Electric motors only
elev. 620m
Hwy 99 @ Whistler Rainbow trout at 25cm, kokanee up to 1kg, & Dolly Varden up to 60cm Spring/fall Speed restriction 12km/h
elev. 620m
Hwy 99 @ Whistler, south of Alta lake Stocked with rainbow trout, kokanee Spring/fall Electric motors only
elev. 680m
Off Hwy 99, 5km north of Whistler on gravel road just south of Green Lake. Can also access by walking the Valley Trail from Whistler Village Stocked with rainbow trout 25-30cm, Dolly Varden Spring/fall  Electric motors only
elev. 620m
On Hwy 99, 7km north of Whistler Kokanee, Dolly Varden up to 3kg, rainbow trout average 1kg Spring/fall Speed restrictions in some areas 10km/h, no towing in some areas
elev. 950m
Off Hwy 99, north of Green lake on gravel road. 2wd is adequate to get to the south lake, but a 4wd is necessary for the extra 250m to north lake Stocked with rainbow trout  Fall  Catch & release, fly fishing ONLY, bait ban
elev. 225m
On Hwy 99, just south of Pemberton Stocked with rainbow trout Spring/fall Must be 16yrs or under
LILLOOET LAKE Off Hwy 99, 20km east of Pemberton on Duffey Lake Road. Gravel road access on east side of lake Cutthroat, Dolly Varden, steelhead, & spring salmon Spring  
elev. 470m
Just south of Birken Rainbow trout, Dolly Varden to 2kg, Kokanee & stocked with cutthroat trout Spring/fall  
elev. 610m
Off Birkenhead Rd. or Blackwater Rd, South of D'Arcy Stocked with rainbow trout, Dolly Varden to 2kg and Kokanee Spring/fall  
elev. 710m
On Blackwater Rd, south of D'Arcy Stocked with good rainbow trout to 40cm Spring/fall  
ANDERSON LAKE Follow road to D'Arcy Good rainbow trout & Dolly Varden Spring/fall  
CARPENTER LAKE Hwy 99 to Lillooet. Hwy 99 then follow Goldbridge signs. 50.9km from Lillooet to Terzaghi Dam Junction and the lake.  Left onto Bridge River Rd, left onto Carpenter Lake Rd Dolly Varden, rainbow trout, Kokanee to 2kg Spring/summer  
MARSHALL LAKE To Carpenter Lake then 72.2km from Lillooet to a junction, turn right and go up 
Marshall Lake Rd, approx. 16km
Good rainbow trout to 1kg Open Boat speed restriction 15km/h
elev. 825m
To Carpenter Lake then 95.8km from Lillooet to Tyax Junction, turn right up Tyaughton
Lake Rd. Go 3.5km to Gun Creek Rd. Pearson Pond is on the left
Rainbow trout & brown trout to 1.5kg Open  
elev. 900m
To Carpenter Lake then at the junction go straight on Gun Lake Rd. to LaJoie Lake Good rainbow trout to 1kg. Open Electric motors only
elev. 890m
To Carpenter Lake then at the junction go straight on Gun Lake Rd. past LaJoie Lake to Gun Lake Dolly Varden to 4kg Open Catch & release (Dolly)

You are responsible for knowing quotas and regulations.

ASHLU RIVER Off Hwy 99, north of Squamish on gravel logging road. Steelhead Jan-May and coho in Fall below falls; rainbow trout and Dolly Varden (resident) above and below falls. Quotas: Coho daily quota is 2 (none over 35cm), chinook daily quota is 2(none over 50 cm), chum daily quota is 2, pink daily quota is 2. Bait ban Dec 1-Sept 30
SQUMAISH RIVER Off Hwy @ Squamish, 2wd. Dolly Varden all year, coho Oct-Nov, springs Jul-Aug, and stocked steelhead. Bait ban Dec 1-Sept 30, quotas are same as Ashlu River
MAMQUAM RIVER Hwy 99 @ Squamish. Dolly Varden & cutthroat trout in fall, coho Oct-Nov, and stocked steelhead Mar-May. Bait  ban Dec 1- Sept 30.  Quotas same as Ashlu 
STAWAMUS RIVER Hwy 99. Steelhead Apr-May, cutthroat trout resident, coho all year, Dolly Varden. Bait ban Dec 1-Sept 30
ELAHO RIVER Off Hwy 99, north of Squamish on gravel road. Steelhead Mar-May, Dolly Varden and rainbow trout residents. Bait ban Dec 1-Sept 30
CHEAKAMUS RIVER Along Hwy 99. Rainbow trout & Dolly Varden residents, steelhead Mar-May, springs in summer, & coho Oct-Nov. Bait ban Dec 1- Sept 30. Quotas same as Ashlu
GREEN RIVER Off Hwy 99, south of Pemberton. Access via Nairn Falls Provincial Park. Small rainbow trout & Dolly Varden. Spring to fall
LILLOOET RIVER Northwest from Pemberton, off Pemb. Valley Rd. This channel starts at the southern end of Lillooet Lake, defined by a point of land on the west side and by a sign immediately across the channel, by eastern logging road. Steelhead from May to March, Dolly Varden are residents, Coho (Fall) & Spring (spring) Coho quota=2 (none over 35cm) Sept 1 - March 31
BIRKENHEAD RIVER Off Birkenhead Rd, north of Pemberton, south of Birken. Stocked with steelhead, residents are Dolly Varden & rainbow trout. Winter for steelhead


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